Jan 12, 2016

Angry Birds Star Wars Ps4

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Red Skywalker finds himself surrounded by some Bad Piggies. Yes, the Angry Birds Star Wars  Empire strikes back. So grab your lightsaber and leap into the next generation as the popular mobile game lands on your PS4. Go hyperdrive into outer space and join the Rebel Bird Alliance as you use the Force to fight against the Empire and their plans for the dreaded Pig Star. Travel to Tatooine, Hoth, Cloud City, and other far-flung regions of the galaxy to blast Pigtroopers and go mano a mano with the one and only, Lard Vader! Be careful though, or you just might join the Pork Side.

Hohl explained that Activision was attracted to the DualShock 4’s central touchpad, which can be used to launch Angry Birds Star Wars Ps4 and activate their special attacks. The most feather-light touch will activate the touchpad, which in my hands-on time with Angry Birds: Star Wars Ps4  proved to be highly sensitive. Once the bird has been launched, clicking the touchpad will activate special attacks like a lightsaber or force push, depending on the character. The title also features a cooperative mode in which players can take turns shooting birds into the pig-infested fragile landscapes.


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