Jan 10, 2016

Code Realize

Code Realize ps vita
Description :

Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is an ambitious, daring otome adventure that takes full advantage of the visual novel format. The lengthy narrative obviously won’t appease anyone frightened of novels, but for fans of the genre, it’s teeming with style and one of 2015’s essential reads.

The visual novel market has exploded over the last eighteen to twenty-four months. And with heavy hitters likeClannad and Muv-Luv still waiting in the wings for a release, it doesn’t look like the genre is going anywhere any time soon. Instead, it would seem that larger publishers are getting behind localization efforts for these types of titles. Aksys Games is one of those companies that are helping to bring the historically Japan-only niche to wider audiences here in the West. On top of that, studios seem to really be focusing in on which systems are the ideal platforms for these kinds of experiences. Thus far, the PC and Vita are decidedly the go-to consoles for visual novels, at least here in the States, and the release of Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth  is not breaking from that mold. As a Vita exclusive, this sizable visual novel from developer Otomate sets itself apart well from the rest of the pack, which is important as the market fills up with like-games.


Publisher: free Ps vita games Team

Developer: ISO Team

Genre : PS vita Game

Type: ISO

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