Jan 10, 2016

Handball 16 Ps vita

Handball 16 Ps vita
Description :

It is hard not to notice how the FIFA series has influenced Handball 16 ps vita . Menu structure, loading screens, player creation and progressive player skill unlocks all reek of FIFA. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, yes I understand that, but IHF Handball is a copy of a copy of a copy and as a result it has stunted its own look, so top to bottom feels lifeless and very very drab.  Player textures flicker, look unfinished, while players animations are stiff,  with players that rarely look in contact with the ball or the  floor.

Bad commentary, poor graphics, and

The bulk of Handball 16 ps vita is standard sports game-fare, the now staple in all sports games – career mode, where you create a player and battle from the lowest leagues upwards,  hoping to get a move to a big club or drive a lowly team to glory. Once you’ve created a player from rudimentary body types you’ll be thrust into the laughable tutorial. The tutorial stumbles at the very first hurdle in its job of actually educating you in playing the game. Taking place while playing a warm-up game, you’ll be prompted to perform various moves, sprint, pass, shoot etc. However, ridiculously, since you are playing a friendly game against another team, once they have the ball you’ll be left frustrated by being unable to gain possession of the ball. Left dumbfounded you’ll either wait for the opposition team to score, lose possession of the ball or quit the tutorial altogether.

Publisher: free Ps vita games Team

Developer: ISO Team

Genre : PS vita Game

Type: ISO

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