Jan 10, 2016

steins gate

steins gate Ps vita
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Steins Gate Ps vita : Okabe Rintaro — aka Okarin — is an eccentric college student who dreams of conspiracy and chaos. Adopting the persona of a mad scientist, he spends his time developing oddball gadgets with his friends in their makeshift laboratory. One day, they accidentally discover that one of their inventions can send emails into the past. In other words, they have created a time machine. SERN, John Titor, the IBN 5100, the Butterfly Effect, and the 11 theories of time travel — when chance brings these elements together in Akihabara, Japan, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. What will Okarin choose when he holds the future in his hands

Steins;Gate Ps vita  is the story of Rintarou Okabe, self-styled mad scientist (read: college student) who accidentally invents time travel in the two-room apartment he calls his lab. However, the time machine does not send a person through time, but instead a small, short email.Much of the first act deals with figuring out the rules of time travel—i.e., what the ability to send emails into the past can really affect and the unintended consequences of even the simplest of messages.Over the course of the game, two other forms of time travel are introduced: a Quantum Leap-type machine that allows you to transfer your memories into your past body and a true time machine that can take you physically into the past. However, each of these types of time travel have their own unique rules which limit their usefulness—as does the multiverse itself.

Publisher: free Ps vita games Team

Developer: ISO Team

Genre : PS vita Game

Type: ISO

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