Jan 10, 2016

xblaze lost memories

xblaze lost memories ps vita
Description :

XBlaze Lost: Memories ps vita  is not so much a sequel as it is something that enhances the first game’s story in every way. It features an enjoyable narrative, lovable characters, and a unique way of presenting the big picture; something visual novel fans will be sure to appreciate and enjoy.

Unlike XBlaze Code: Embryo which had almost too many different branching paths, Lost: Memories is a much more linear affair. There is only one ending, and the story only has a few choices in it. Thankfully, learning from the first game, the player isn’t punished for making a wrong choice in the game, and can easily restart from the choice if they choose correctly. This makes the game over screens much less frustrating, and players can actually enjoy the alternate scenes instead of dread seeing them.That said, if you are looking for a visual novel where you can play through the story 18 times, then you should look elsewhere. This is a linear game that tells its story (and pretty well, at that), and stands by it. There are a ton of optional story elements to check out, though, as different memories can be viewed in the menus. Throw in some additional scenarios that unlock after the player completes the game, and there is a lot to see and read in XBlaze Lost: Memories ps vita .

Publisher: free Ps vita games Team

Developer: ISO Team

Genre : PS vita Game

Type: ISO

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